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Growing up in a small town in upstate New York, right on the Canadian border, life was a series of heavy snowfalls and long winters as well as trying to make ends meet in an economically deprived area. One soon learns, that what we have does not dictate who we are and to share, makes it that much easier for everyone.

Those long winters meant scrolling through mail catalogues making wish lists, waiting for your cousins to outgrow their clothes that you knew would be yours, playing games and learning new skills while the snow and wind blew a gale outside. And all the time knowing you were all in it together and that a huge part of who you were to become was the lessons learnt first from family.

“Always Err On The Side Of Generosity” was a motto given to my siblings and myself by our Dad, an honest hardworking ordinary man, doing extraordinary things every day without knowing that his example would be the guideline for our lives.

My life journey is exceptional. I am one of the fortunate few to have found the great love of my life (after kissing a few toads mind you) and to have had 30 years living with my husband, a man of extraordinary generosity of spirit and deed.
Together we have been privileged to give back to our families, community and country through philanthropic ventures geared towards changing the future.

It is so humbling to be honored as I have been, for continuing my husband’s initial work which was cut short by his serious illness. And I’m constantly surprised that I should be pointed out as a luminary or someone special just for doing what is right.

I thank those long cold winters and the financial hardship for the lessons learnt by the loss of many friends, my parents, a son and my husband’s illness which have given me the opportunity to understand true love. But mostly I am eternally thankful to be allowed to live my life according to my Father’s motto.

Here is the secret, here is the hidden beautiful gem in all of this. Are you ready for it…?

The more you give in any way you can, the more generosity you show, you will get so much more back. In fact, it becomes an embarrassment of riches in so many ways.

Always Err On The Side Of Generosity. It will lead to fulfilment in ways you never imagined!

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