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Meet Elliot.

He is an important friend to both children living with cancer and their families. Elliot is a comfort toy, therapeutic companion and also the proud Mascot of the Childhood Cancer Association. An Elliot is given to each child diagnosed with cancer to help them through their journey.

Elliot is very supportive. He is a great listener and is also really good at helping his friends when they need it the most. He is regularly seen sitting next to children as they receive treatment, have check-ups and spend time in hospital. 

Elliot believes that no matter what you are going through the most important thing is to be yourself. Sometimes as children and adults alike go through cancer treatment they might experience some changes to their body and/or the way that they feel about themselves or the world, for example, they might lose their hair or their perspective on life changes. Elliot believes that no matter what changes they experience, what is important to remember is that it does not change the wonderful person that they are.

Through the Candid piece he created, Elliot hopes children with cancer and their siblings will feel more confident and proud of themselves. Elliot hopes his thoughts and wishes will inspire and put a smile on the face of those who are wearing the disc.

Elliot has never been asked to design a piece of jewellery before and he thought it was a lot of fun. He really enjoyed having his paw print taken to feature on the disc.

He also loved doing the photo shoot to promote his disc. He was a bit shy at first but gave it a go and really loved the end result. He cannot wait until the next time he can pose for a camera!

By purchasing Elliot’s disc, you are giving a helping paw (hand) to children living with cancer and their families.

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