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As I think about this quote, not many people would know how deep this truly burns inside of me.

On the outside people would no doubt describe me as loud, outgoing and a tad outrageous (or annoying- same same.) But only a handful know how much I genuinely care and how hard I strive for the love that I think we all deserve in life.

Just a little bit about myself to start off this journey; I'm 20 years old, born in New Zealand, fostered by my grandparents and moved to Australia when I was 5, completed high school at 16 and have lived an independent life since. Fast forwarding to now, I am a wife to an amazing and loving husband, and a mother to two of the cheekiest and handsome little guys ever.

We are so lucky, we have a nice home, a nice car and all the little things in between and inevitably, we are more than grateful for this wonderful life that we have.  However what I didn’t mention is that I have three beautiful younger sisters, whom have all lived the Māori lifestyle in New Zealand whilst I have lived here.

These past 15 years and counting; no matter how far or near we are, it will never change how much I love my sisters or how close we are. It will never change how often I think about them and wonder what they're doing for the day. It will never change how much I hope to join them so we can all be together (because I do indeed want to hold my niece for the first time even though she is no longer a baby and is actually older than both my boys!).

Distance will never change how close and tight we are. Wearing the disc reminds me of all the love I have for them and helps me feel that bit closer to them.

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