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The story of our disk ‘I will always love you’ is about our angel, Holly Elizabeth. It is a story of immense and everlasting love that could never diminish as the years pass. Holly was only in our lives for a year, but not a moment goes by when we don’t think of her with us. Our precious Holly grew her angel wings and flew beyond the rainbow, three weeks shy of her first birthday.

On October 26 in 2012, my family, my husband Mark, our two boys Jesse and Max and myself, Alice, were over the moon. We had just welcomed our newest family member into the world. We all knew she was special from the very start, but we never realised just how special she was and how her brief life would change all of us forever.

At 4 months old, the unimaginable happened. Holly was diagnosed with a rare form of Infant Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia. Our world came crashing down around us. We kept thinking ‘how could this be happening?’ One day we were all together at home playing in the backyard, and the next, we were coming to terms with the news, that our tiny daughter had cancer.

Life changed from that moment. Holly’s treatment began immediately. Our lives were flipped upside down. I remained in hospital with Holly, while Mark took care of the boys. They would visit Holly every day. Through the countless rounds of chemotherapy, hundreds of procedures and dozens of blood transfusions, Holly never lost her beautiful smile or twinkle in her eye, even with all she endured.

After 7 months of intensive treatment and constant battles, Holly developed pneumonia. She lost her courageous fight. We lost our sweet baby girl and the cutest baby sister.

The Childhood Cancer Association was there with us on our journey with Holly from the very beginning. They provided daily support to our family. During such a scary and uncertain time in our lives, they were a reliable and consistent help. They were a source of comfort, friendship and professional counselling and were always on hand to make our lives just a little easier. CCA were with us when we kissed Holly goodbye. They are still supporting us to this day. We couldn’t have made it through without out CCA family.

Holly brought us a new kind of love. A love so deep and lasting that although we can no longer hold her in our arms, we are forever fortunate to have her live on in our hearts and memories, with us always, guiding us along the way.

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