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…she was a jetsetter with a crush on the world.  Happiest when sitting cross-legged on a plane.

When I was 21 years old, I travelled overseas by myself for the first time. I had no concept of how incredible the world was. I remember being overwhelmed with excitement and lust for more. I fell  in love with all the differences that I was discovering and was head over heels for exploring. It was more than a crush, it was a full blown love affair.

Travel provides you with a humbling perspective. It forces you to push the boundaries of limit, of assumption, to grow and evolve. The more you travel, the further that you fall into the adventure. The world just keeps on giving. The world is my teacher and I am an addict, constantly craving more lessons from the world.

Through travel you harden but soften. You develop a strength and readiness to handle any situation. You loose all sense of assumption.

Freedom is my one word. To be free - for me - is the greatest gift there is. I have a problem with restriction, conformity, structure and rules. I struggle with the weight of expectations. Having the freedom to get on a plane at any moment in time to explore is extremely important to me. I place huge personal value in freedom.

Letting go to be truly free can be scary. If I feel fear about something, I often run through an exercise with myself to picture the worst case scenario. What does that look like - can I handle it? If I can’t, then I evolve my path. Mostly, I realise my strength. I looking inward. Then I release the fear and let go. I loosen myself from myself, I lose myself to find myself. I wander  wild, barefoot and free.

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