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This tiny little disc is small, but oh so mighty. 

As an elite athlete for 10 years, I’ve ebbed and flowed through patches of self-confidence followed by self-doubt, followed by helplessness and full-circle back to confidence again. As goals are committed to, achieved or missed and reassessed, the constant battle to keep your head in the game can sometimes feel like a bigger challenge than the game itself.

It’s here in the everyday daily routine of training, recovery, sleeping, eating, lifting, swimming, rolling, triggering and repeating that positive self talk will pull you through…. 

When was the last time you said to yourself “I can do this..” Or had someone else tell you “You can do this..”?  Do you remember how that felt? You hear those words from either yourself, or someone else, and you stand a little taller, push your shoulders back a little further, you run a little faster, you dig your heels in a little harder, you jump a little higher or you smile a little bigger. Why? Because you believe in yourself, because someone else believes in you….It helps keep you going to reach your goal.

This disc is for anyone who needs to remind themselves that they are able and worthy of success; someone who could do with a little burst of positive energy to get them over their next hurdle or someone who doesn’t see in themselves what the world see’s in them. It’s a reminder that a setback is feedback that you need to find another way, be creative, back yourself and go get it.

You can do it. Don’t ever forget that.

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