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I recently gave birth to my beautiful baby girl, Frankie May, and from that moment my life would never be the same. From our first meeting my concept of love had changed in a way I’ll never even be able to describe.

When Frankie looks up into my eyes, sees me and smiles, my heart skips a beat. Every single time. It’s the most pure form of love I’ve ever had the joy to experience. The love a child has for their mother and the love a mother has for her child is an incredible bond. It’s overwhelmingly all-consuming and utterly unbreakable. Seeing her face light up the second she sees me is by far the greatest gift I could ever receive.

My new life as a mother has been nothing short of a whirlwind. An unpredictable and powerful whirlwind. There have been countless moments that have been so astounding and incredible I know I will remember them for the rest of my life. Other moments have been incredibly tough. This, I now know, is motherhood. I have a lifetime of hard times and breathtakingly wonderful times ahead of me. And I can’t wait for each and every moment. I can’t wait to experience more of the journey of parenthood.

My Candid disc ‘Your first breath took ours away’ is an incredibly sentimental symbol of the love I have for my baby girl. It’s such a beautiful reminder of the very first magical moment my husband and I met her.

Photography by Courtney from McFarlane Photography.


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